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Technology innovation and social enterprise are the keys to India's glorious future. Edunet Foundation, through its experiential education programs, is enabling Indian students to realize their full potential. 

Edunet Foundation was founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization. Edunet promotes STEM education, technical innovation and entrepreneurship.  It has a national footprint with direct presence in 16 locations where high quality classroom learning is delivered to faculty groups and students. Online programs, delivered by Edunet Foundation, reach every corner of India.


More than 20,000 learners have benefited from live synchronous online sessions hosted by the Foundation during the the Mar-May 2020 period.

Our Programs

Certificate and Diploma Programs Covering IT & Future Skills

These programs enable students to develop technical skills in the most market-relevant disciplines today.  Courses combine technical skills with much needed foundational skills, all aligned with the 4th Industrial revolution, thereby creating a pathway for technical jobs. 

Faculty Development Programs

More than 10,000 instructors - from schools, colleges and Industrial Training Institutes - are trained each year nationally. Faculty development programs are typically 70-75 hours in duration and are delivered using a mix of face to face learning, experiential lab work, live video and asynchronous online learning. 

Online Courses and Programs

Edunet Foundation, in alliance with its partner and sponsors, offers  technology and employability skills courses online, totally free of cost, to students and instructors. Most online programs offer digital badges and certificates for successful participants.

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