About Us

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Edunet Foundation (EF) was founded in 2015 to promote education, innovation and entrepreneurship. EF has a national footprint. 

1 Training of trainers at ITIs

Edunet Foundation, in association with IBM India Pvt Ltd, manages a national train-the-trainer program for the ITI ecosystem in India. EF staff are present at NSTI locations nationally and have conducted hundreds of workshops for this audience.

2 Technical education delivery at ITIs for students

EF manages a program covering more than 500 students across 16 locations in India. Key disciplines covered include Cloud Computing and AI. Each student goes through more than 2000 hours of learning in this program, spread over 18 months. This program is funded by IBM.

3 Skills Accelerator

Edunet Foundation has been running the Skills Accelerator in 23 locations in 4 states across India since 2018.

4 STEM learning for high schools

Edunet Foundation has worked with K-12 schools in India, extensively, to develop a culture of technology innovation amongst children.

5 Engineering curriculum upgrade

Domains covered include Embedded Systems, the Internet of Things, Analytics, HPC and Artificial Intelligence. Courseware, laboratories and faculty development is offered to top technical universities and engineering colleges.

6 Rural innovation programs

EF supports schools and rural communities with focus on rural livelihoods, employability, sanitation and healthcare. Technology innovation is leveraged as a tool for social good.