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Skilled youth, job-ready youth.



The now tech-driven job market is that of a dynamic one, whereas the academic infrastructure of the country is not as agile. To enhance the workforce being trained in colleges, to match the skill level demands of the industry is what our work in this domain aims to do. Positioning ourselves to reach the underserved beneficiaries, our work is towards building a relevantly skilled generation of innovators. 

Advanced Diploma in IT

A 2-year full time NSQF level 6 diploma that imparts knowledge about emerging technology as well as future skills thoroughly in a classroom setting led by an instructor. The conceptual understanding is enhanced by expert talks, bootcamps, projects, industry visits, and on-the-job training that are part of the curriculum. Currently the 3rd batch of the program is underway. The program is being conducted with the support of the Directorate General of Training (DGT) in NSTIs across the country.  






Eligible participants with internship opportunities

Participants’ comments

“I have always been fascinated by computers but access has been limited. After my course at the ITI, this program facilitated by Edunet gave me a thorough insight about the relevant technologies that are important even in the industries going forward. The program helped me in my objective of getting into a career of being a web developer as the things I learned in the program propelled me to secure a job at a leading IT firm in the role of a PHP developer. I want to take this opportunity to go ahead into a full stack role.

Sai Bhargav,
NSTI Vidhyanagar
Placed in Eabyas

Skilled youth, job-ready youth.



The SkillSaksham program is a collaborative initiative between Edunet Foundation (EF), Microsoft, and the Directorate General of Training (DGT), aimed at enhancing the skills of ITI and NSTI students across India. Our collective efforts are dedicated to shaping the future workforce by providing comprehensive training and learning platforms nationwide. The SkillSaksham program focuses on developing crucial skills such as Microsoft Productivity Tools, Digital Skills, Employability Skills, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Power BI, and hands-on capstone projects, ensuring that students emerge job-ready in the competitive market. Our meticulously crafted program includes a 320-hour module for NSTI students and a 55-hour module to address the requirements of ITI students. Edunet Foundation is committed to fostering a generation of skilled professionals.


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