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Story of how small-town girl from Andhra began her journey with one perfect code

Gunasundari cracked her first perfect code during her first class with TechSaksham and since then she started her journey to excel at Web designing, her tract of choice amongst the 3 offered courses. Over the span of 6 months, she has grasped the technical know-how of Web Designing through experiential learning under the guidance of Techsaksham mentors and industry experts. A first generational learner from her family, she is currently pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Her father, who is a shopkeeper by profession, had supported her to pursue engineering to ensure an enriching career.  

Yet, Gunasundari, who has been a topper both at school & college level wanted to explore and know more about the emerging technologies. In her words She aspired to learn something more ‘creative & innovative’, but even though her native place Thanjuvar is the 7th largest city of Tamil Nadu it had very limited opportunities to access the kind of technical knowledge she aspired. While her college offered an introductory class on python which excited the tech geek in her, there were no specific courses in the curriculum to provide specialized training to interested students.

During her 4th Year of B.Tech she was introduced to the top-up program based on experiential learning of technological skills – TechSaksham. Under the guidance of mentors, she engaged in experiential learning in her weekly classes which were scheduled according to her and her batchmates availability ensuring that their regular classes were not disturbed. After 6 months of weekly classes and expert workshops about upcoming technologies, real-time industry challenges and soft skill/employability training she gained professional knowledge of the field. During her classes she was given practical exercises to improve her skills and was often the first one to complete the given task in mere minutes. As the next step, she started preparing for the possible employment opportunities and went through assessments, mock interviews and was provided with additional academic resources to prepare for placement interviews. The employability training sessions taught her how to conduct herself in a professional interview and provided her with the ease of communicating her knowledge.

Her hard work and dedication paid off and she secured two offer letters; the first one by Ernst & Young through TechSaksham placement drives and second by Capgemini through campus placements. It was a dream come true for her and entire family as she is the first-generation learner and now going to be associated with a global organization.  


Her family, who were initially speculative of their daughter’s achievements finally came to terms with her caliber after she received her 2nd offer letter in the same domain through campus placements. They are excited about the opportunities offered to her and are confident in her capabilities to grow as a tech professional more than ever before. As an additional feat of success, she has convinced her parents to let her relocate to tier one city if required. As an undercurrent of the skills acquired during this course, she has found herself to be more comfortable with technology and finds herself exploring different and exciting courses offered on emerging technologies by Microsoft and SAP. An eldest sibling living in the joint family, she has become a role model not just for her siblings but her entire community.