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Naina Pardeshi wanted to follow her sister’s footsteps and pursue engineering after completing her school education. Currently working at ACC as a cloud intern she recalls how disappointed she was when she scored only 56% in her 12th boards and could not secure a seat in any of the government run engineering courses. To avoid the financial burden of private institutions she opted for a Bachelor’s in Science and then a Master’s in Computer Applications. This was until she found her passion in Cloud Computing. 

Throughout her higher education she focused on improving her technical skills through add-on courses and achieved a perfect score in the MS-CIT course (IT literacy certification course) conducted by Maharashtra Govt. This success made her believe in her technical skills and pursue a technical course. Naina set herself for understanding Linux Operation System (OS) and through self-study tried to gain knowledge about Linux OS with the help of online resources which were available due to an open-source community providing a plethora of learning resources. Despite her determination she faced multiple roadblocks – information overload, lack of hands-on experience and the high progressive cost of the courses which limited her learning. Naina shares “Since I have joined the TechSaksham Program, I know many more technical skills that I didn’t know before and now I can say I am good at it”. Naina further adds “I have tried to learn from documentation shared by cloud providers like AWS, Azure etc., however there are concepts which I wasn’t able to understand as the documentation runs into 100s of pages. In TechSaksham we were taught with utmost simplicity to understand the same concepts” 

TechSaksham has been a unique program according to Naina Pardeshi, as opposed to other programs TSP encourages students to test acquired knowledge through quizzes and project work. The program taught her how to create a problem statement and how to build a program as a solution around it through step-by-step mentorship. 

Further, she gives credit to TechSaksham’s group activities and employability training to make her more expressive. “I am an introvert” she says and calls it her biggest shortcoming. As part of the holistic learning framework she received soft skills training to enhance her communication capability. She has since worked on multiple group activities including her Capstone project and says that she now feels much more confident while engaging in workplace communication at her internship with ACC where she has completed 1 month. The internship will go on till July and soon she’ll move to Pune from Aurangabad to work in the big city. Naina is excited for her big move and her excitement to begin her permanent stint at the company.  

Naina’s own family is surprised by her determination and success which goes to show how she has turned her destiny. She has emerged as an inspiration for all those who have somewhere on the way lost faith in themselves. TechSaksham is proud to be part of her journey.