Edunet Foundation

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introducing computer programming and discussing why is it important for young students to take up computer programming. Beginning with the basics of computers, understand what is a computer program and what is it made of. Find out how does coding help in developing the skills of future.

Applications of Computer Programming & Evolving Opportunities

Exploring the applications of computer programming and the career opportunities in this field. Take a look at how computer programs changed the world and their role in our daily lives. Learn about the numerous possibilities offered by the field of computer programming and the opportunities they lead to.

Computational Thinking for Problem Solving

Understanding computational thinking along with discussing some applied computational thinking execises for classrooms. Get started with the approach of solving problems like a computer by learning decomposition, recognition, abstraction, and algorithms. Practice computational thinking and tackle some interesting challenges.

Flowcharts, Algorithms and Fundamental Operations of Computer Programme

Introducing Flow Charts and Pseudocodes as a way of representing algorithms and the fundamental operations of a computer program. Write a few algorithms on your own and convert them into false codes. Design flow charts to visualize the logic of your solution.

Visual Computer Programming

Getting started with programming a computer using Scratch – A visual programming language by MIT. Learn the steps involved in programming a computer and the different ways in which you could do that. Create your first program in Scratch and explore the platform further to create some fun applications.

Decision making and customized computer programs

Exloring decision making and loops in a computer program and creating customized computer programs. Get acquainted with different conditional and recursive statements in a computer and how to code your way around it. Get hands-on experience on basic decision making and looping statements in Scratch.