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PathFinders: A student initiative

Technology creates powerful business opportunities but, keeping up with the pace of technological advancement is a challenge for the employable population. Also, it causes skill gaps, particularly in the industries where the demand for skilled workers is very high, namely the IT industry. It is essential to combat this skill gap by upskilling via training

Clean India Mission

A grass-root level cleanliness drive!

Today we will talk about Anitha S and Pavithra, who became a part of the Skills Accelerator program conducted in schools across the country by Edunet foundation. The program was able to motivate both the girls from Government PU College, Yelahanka, Bangalore to choose Driving Swachh Bharat as their capstone project, an undertaking that left

Determined to Learn

Going that extra mile, going out of his way, fueled by the thirst to learn We have come across numerous heartwarming, inspirational stories of grit and determination in these trying times and one such story is of Surendhar Das, son of a farmer, who has been forced by the lockdown and a poor cellular network

Taking Advantage of the Web Age

Coming from a working-class background, Alfiya hails from Kollam district near Trivandrum. The trait that makes Alfiya stand out has been her zeal for learning. This is apparent in her academic pursuits wherein she did not let her humble background and gender stop her from going after her interests.  In school, Alfiya had a keen

Educator taking steps to self-educate

The excitement in Prof. Singh’s voice could be easily sensed as he spoke about the invisible role of Artificial Intelligence in accurately suggesting relevant products while browsing on Amazon’s website. Such everyday brushes with technology make his curiosity peak and he often spend his time in reading up about upcoming technology. Currently posted in Government